terms of sale

The conditions described on this page are considered accepted by the customer when ordering.
  1. How to place an order
  2. Payment and shipping conditions
  3. General conditions of sale
  4. Warranty conditions

1. How to place an order

The order can be placed through the website, by e-mail or by telephone by contacting your sales representative directly.

We recommend sending the order via the website because it is faster, safer and because it generates an immediate allocation, if available, of the quantities ordered.

2. Payment and shipping conditions

Terms of payment
Credit cards from the following circuits are accepted:

For payments with PayPal, a contribution of 2.50% of the total order is required, including transport costs and including VAT.
To protect the retailer, payment is not requested when the order is sent but only when the goods are ready to be packaged for shipment. BELLES 2017 will communicate via e-mail the exact quantity, amount of the goods and the link to be used to make the online payment in total safety.

By bank transfer (to be made only after our confirmation that the goods are ready for shipment) supported on the following bank:
Made out to BELLES 2017, Belles 2017, TRGOVINA INSTORITVE D.O.O

Up to a maximum of € 999.99 it is possible to pay the shipping in cash to the courier.

Shipping costs and methods
EXPRESS COURIER: Transport costs are calculated from time to time based on the weight / volume ratio and communicated before shipment by e-mail with the automatic fulfillment notice.

3. General conditions of sale

The prices indicated in this price list are VAT excluded, BELLES 2017 reserves the right to modify this price list without notice
BELLES 2017 does not provide extra discounts for advance payments.

They are irrevocable and are considered accepted only after approval by the management of BELLES 2017.

Transport costs are always charged to the customer. Unless otherwise specified in the order, BELLES 2017 will ship the goods with the carrier it deems appropriate. In case of carriage forward, the customer will be responsible for insurance coverage in the event of transport damage. In the event of failure to collect regularly ordered goods, a minimum of € 30.00 + VAT will be charged to cover the costs of outward, storage and return of the uncollected shipment.

Any returns must always be accompanied by the RMA authorization number which will be communicated via e-mail from the BELLES 2017 returns office. The RMA authorization number must be clearly transcribed both on the package and in the notes field of the accompanying document. Attached to the accompanying document or in any case inside the package, it is necessary to include the form for return to warehouse MOD-R correctly filled in. Returns must also be sent carriage paid and with suitable packaging. Otherwise the goods will be rejected to the sender.

The only place of jurisdiction for any dispute is the court of NOVA GORICA.

4. Warranty conditions

All products distributed, unless otherwise indicated, are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of the sales invoice.

Only products regularly sold by BELLES 2017 are covered by warranty

Items with a value of less than € 10.00 are excluded from the guarantee and are guaranteed to be functional upon acceptance and therefore are replaced only within 10 days from the date of the accompanying invoice or transport document.

Any complaints must be made in writing within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

All materials subject to wear such as keyboards, joypads, tapes, power supplies, connection cables, etc. are excluded from the guarantee.

Items that are not covered by the warranty: are tampered with, have been used improperly or in any case have undergone changes from their original conditions. Products that are damaged by accidental events such as falls, electric shocks, power surges, etc. are excluded from the warranty.

Components damaged due to incorrect assembly, incorrect installation or unauthorized repair are excluded from the guarantee.

BELLES 2017 is not liable for direct or indirect damage caused to people and / or things, by damage and / or by incorrect use of the product.

Unauthorized shipments of goods, or sent carriage forward will be categorically refused.

Warranty returns will be sent back to the customer with the first subsequent shipment of an order