Format: Nintendo switch accesories
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Artist: Nacon Gaming
Label: Nacon Gaming
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VAULT STYLE HARD CASE ORGANIZER FOR YOUR NINTENDO SWITCH CONSOLES This RDS Switch Lite gaming console vault case is fashioned to conveniently protect your Nintendo Switch Lite gaming consoles with a stylish touch. It is made with premium quality materials that are lightweight yet sturdy to ensure complete protection to your gaming consoles. The Nintendo game cover ensures excellent durability while doubling as an organizer with interior compartments to accommodate 4 gaming cards beneath the gaming console. It features a dust-proof micro SD card holder which can conveniently fit in any gaming card slot. The accessory includes an adjustable viewing stand for a personalized viewing angle as required. Use it to safeguard and carry your gaming accessories wherever you like with a Mario themed exterior design perfect for the enthusiastic gamer. The Nintendo Switch console protector features a zipper to deliver a secure closure along with a carry handle for easy portability. Product Features: NINTENDO GAME ORGANIZER: Fashioned to protect your Nintendo Switch Lite handheld gaming consoles this switch pad protector will help you stay organized. The gaming accessory safeguards gaming consoles along with providing space for your gaming cards. DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Nintendo lite vault cover is made with high quality materials to offer excellent durability. The lightweight design is designed with a hard-shell to remain sturdy along with a padded divider to protect the console screen. CONVENIENT DESIGN: The bottom insert of the game protection case fits the gaming console precisely and is designed to store 4 gaming cards beneath it. An in-built viewing stand easily adjusts to your desired viewing angle for a comfortable gaming experience while a zippered mesh compartment offers extra storage space. ADDED FEATURES: The game console organizer features a zipper design for maximum security for your gaming console and gaming cards. With a carry handle the compact NS Lite hard-shell case offers easy portability for gaming on the go. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: This RDS Switch Lite Vault Case is designed with a Mario theme and is available in black and grey color. It is equipped with a dust-proof 2-micro SD card case which conveniently fits in any gaming card slot.